NEW MKIII Titan Tray

Our most versatile tray ever!


Titan Tray is 150% stronger than before and can handle up to 400 kg thanks to Titan’s unique mitred corners and internal support ribs.



Titan is the most flexible tray around. With accessory channels on every side, you have unlimited mounting options.


Engineered in Australia and tested in the toughest conditions, the Titan Tray is designed to tackle the toughest tracks time after time.

Titan Evolved

Titan is changing the game in the roof tray market. Tougher-Stronger-Smarter, it’s simply just better.

The new Rola® Titan Tray is a complete re-think of what a roof tray should deliver. Built to handle all you can throw at it, innovatively solving your storage needs and features intelligence in design that sets a new standard in cargo carrying.