Mazda BT-50 Low Mount System with 1500mm x 1200mm Titan Tray

The Rola Low Mount system provides the lowest possible mount for a 1500mm x 1200mm Titan Tray.
Based on your vehicle selection we recommend that you use a gutter mount Low Mount system with a 1200mm x 1200mm Titan Tray.

The Low Mount system uses a smaller, lighter cross bar with stabilisation blocks to mount your tray to the rooftop and maximise your roof load carrying capacity.
For your specified vehicle, the Rola Low Mount system attaches to the gutter rails installed on your vehicle securing the rack components and Titan Tray to your roof.
By using the gutter rails as an attachment point, the combination of the low profile mounting components and tray provide a clean finish that will complement your vehicle.
Fitment is easy, as the flexible mounting blocks of the Titan Tray provide simple adjustment to accommodate different roof lengths and the required supporting blocks provide a simple DIY solution.
For more product specifications and additional information, download the fitment sheet below.

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